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Chat Solution
Visitors will stay longer
Easy to set up, easy to use
Public and private chat
Secure, no hassle talk

...Easy to set up, easy to use
Simple to organize, your own chat room can soon be up and running on your homepage and Y W Creations's chat icons will help you to create a professional entry for your chat visitors. Also, unlike other chat programs out there, your guests won't have to download any software - so they can check in from anywhere. It's just a basic applet that loads in no time at all.

...Public and private chat
Y W Creations's Live Chat offers your users a number of ways to talk to their peers. You set up a channel, or chat room, and the topics can vary as widely as you like. Within the chat room you can have up to 20 people engaged in a lively discussion! Now that's a way to get people talking! Additionally, Y W Creations Live Chat includes person-to-person conversation, so your customers can make a remark directly to another user, without the whole group overhearing.

...Secure, no hassle talk

Many websites have to finance their chat pages with ads that bombard their customers. Not so with Y W Creations's Live Chat. What you see is what you get, just a place to talk to others, with no added hassle. Plus, we've taken precautions that make sure no strangers can get in and access our programs or insert irc commands. So, chat freely!

Chat is a major part of today's Internet, and many users, whether at home or at work, are permanently online and always have it on in the background. Offer your visitors a reason to keep tuned in to your site with Y W Creations's Live Chat! From time to time you can have a look at what's being said. You could learn valuable business knowledge or personal advice!

You'll see: there's always something going on in a chat room.