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Visitors Tracking System

Find Out Which Country they are from
Improve Google ranking and PageRank
Which page visitors view more
Easy to Formulate a strategy
Implement your change
Measure the effects of your change

Why do I need a web visitors tracking system?
There are a number of reasons to have your website tracked by a tracking system.
The most important, and the most obvious reason is so that you can stop guessing as to what is happening on your site. Initially, you might be interested in knowing how many unique visitors you receive. A tracking system can provide you with simple visitor numbers through to more sophisticated forms of information, such as individual click-streams and search terms.

Getting people to come to your site is one thing getting them to stay is another. The best way to encourage visitors to stay is to provide them with better quality, and more content, in the area that they are interested. A tracking system will tell you, to the click, what your visitors are interested in.

Features :
Real-time Visitor Monitor
Enhanced clickstream analysis. Explore visitor clickstreams live on a real-time graphical interface.

Track Unique Visitors
Track unique visitors over long periods of time. Track first-time and returning visitors.

See Country, Company/ ISP
See which companies visit your site. Detailed reports show all traffic by country of origin.

Exclude Your Own Visits
Use our IP exclusion tool to exclude visits of yourself & colleagues.